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The Harmony Ranch Club,situated in the canyon of the river Gradac near Valjevo is a nature lovers’ club. The club was created with the aim of stabling and breeding horses. The Harmony Ranch Club incorporates an equestrian club – the ‘Swallow Way’ whose excellent results make us particularly proud. The Club boasts a hotel with a restaurant, three separate barns and separate pastures for horse breeding. At present it has the capacity for 20 riders and their horses. The grand panorama of the site, nestled as it is between five mountains, presents a unique experience for riders. It is an ideal place for cross-country riding. The surrounding area is sparsely populated offering the possibility of unrestricted movement both to riders and mountain bike and trek enthusiasts. Of particular interest is the river Gradac – a nature reserve which is accessible to riders. Fly fishing is allowed with a permit. An old water mill in working order and a restaurant provide an ideal place for a riding tour


Riding lessons for kids of 7+ years.Lessons are being held in an outdoor paddock with trainers supervision.Protective equipment is mandatory and can be provided if you lack your own.Our school horses are calm and well trained.One lesson lasts for 1h and consists of  saddling,grooming and riding.Given the fact of kids being inpatient and easily bored we tend to make the lesson as constructive as possible.

Adult lessons depend on the level of your knowledge and agility,and can help you improve your technique.

Riding school for youngsters
Riding school for youngsters
Lessons in a sand paddock
Lessons in a sand paddock
Different horses to choose from
Different horses to choose from

Choose a horse according to your knowledge.

Meet and pet horses
Meet and pet horses

Learn the right approach through pet n play.


Horse riding position

How to mount a horse properly 

The correct way to ride a horse To start with – particular care should be paid to posture while riding. At first some movements might feel strange and quite challenging, hence it is advisable to learn the correct procedure right from the start. First – look through the horse’s ears to a point several meters ahead in the direction of the horse’s movement. Keep your back and shoulders straight, arms and elbows pressed against the body, arms slightly bent. Make fists with your hands. Press your knees against the saddle, lower leg pressed against the horse’s body, feet in stirrups. Easy way to check. When riding a rider should make two imaginary lines. The first vertical line passes down through the rider’s ears, shoulders, hips and heels. The other passes from the elbow to the hand towards the horse’s mouth. At the beginning it is quite normal for a rider to feel strange and uncomfortable to hold on firmly, but with practice and frequent repetition those difficulties disappear, and soon the rider begins to feel confident and secure.

You can mount a horse from the ground or using a helping step.Its common to mount from the left side of the horse,like shown in the pictures bellow.

Proper dismounting

Dismounting from a horse is dissimilar to climbing on. Before dismounting there are several important point to remember. First – remove both feet from the stirrups. Then lean forward, lift the right leg over the back of the horse, and, most importantly, land on the toes! Landing on the whole foot is very painful and can lead to injuries and even falling under the horse.



28.03.2017 VA PLUS 

Harmonija ranč je clan evropske IPPOstrade grupe

Jedinstveno iskustvo, putovanje, degustacija vina i domaćih proizvoda u različitim vinarijama,farmama i zanatskim radnjama putevima kroz Italiju i Evropu. Opustite se u prekrasnom pejzazu na konju medju vinogradima i brdima da bi ste stigli do izabranih destinacija, skrivenih i nedostižnih.

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